Mass gainers and bulking, does it work?

People's perception about gaining. To bulk up = mass gainers.

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What are the basics you need in place to bulk up?

1. A caloric surplus
2. Protein on point and carbs/fat as per preference. It's suggested to bulk with more carbs. 
3. Resistance training.

Are you burning fat ??

A lot of media and supplement industry hype has lead to people believing in some magical supplements. Fat burners being on top of everything.

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What does it mean “to be fit”?

What does it mean “to be fit”? What is the true meaning of fitness? Does having a 6 pack abs make you fit? Or does, having a huge strength to lift weight make you necessarily fit? Fitness could mean different thing to different people

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Help! I'm constipated

Further asked questions are should I be concerned? Do I need to add back in some fiber.


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The causes of constipation are many.

Speed Or Tempo ??

While we lift weights in the gym we often come across of the thought that what should be the ideal speed or tempo at which we should perform our sets.

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Ever thought how Whey Protein is made?

Ever thought how Whey Protein is made?

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Well, Whey comes from Milk. Milk actually contains two main types of protein casein and whey. Whey is a part of milk that separates during cheese(paneer) production.Whey has many advantages. Few of them I can think on top of my head are 
1) It is absorbed faster 
2) It improves muscle anabolism.