Healthy snacking in a movie

Well weekend is finally here and yes we all want to relax and get out of the week long work related stress!

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For most of us, going for a movie with our friends/spouse/family does the job. Isn’t it? “But hey, I am on a fitness regimen. I

Friday Night Hacks

Friday night!

Work has just ended and it has been a tough week. A sudden plan is made by friends or colleagues and you are going out partying!!! 

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Then the thought comes up, "Wait! I am on a diet! Let me find a way to get out of this." 


Sweet Potato Or Regular Potato

You might have heard many benefits of sweet potatoes but chances are you haven’t heard the same about regular potatoes. Regular potatoes tend to (unfairly) get a bad reputation.

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How To Say No To Outside Food While On A Diet ?

One of the difficult tasks is staying away from outside food when dieting. Since most of us are out of our homes for most of the day, refraining from eating out is hardly an option. The problem with diet related explanations is that they can often make us feel isolated, self-conscious about our weight and can offend others unintentionally by suggesting what they are offering and eating themselves is unhealthy.

Do Different diets work differently?

We all pray to the Keto God above to come and whisk away the fat goblins. For I woke up today weighing high, but I no more like so much fat on my thigh. So I shall take the Low Carb route, I heard it gives everyone’s fat the boot.

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Should I count calories or not ????

To count calories or not is the question you that comes to your mind, every time you want to lose weight. You’ll have people telling you that the key to weight loss is actually some crazy new trend or a fad diet.

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Benefits of Having Fruits

I'm sure you guys must have heard that if you want to lose fat then you have to completely eliminate fruits from your diet due to various reasons.


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How to save money on a diet

Most of us face the issue of spending way too much on a diet because we tend to follow exactly what’s on the internet. Now the internet and various sites and blogs are really helpful, there’s no denying there. But one thing is certain, as a matter of fact- not everyone can afford products like blueberries, avocados, salmon etc on a daily basis. It’s a fact that you can still be healthy and fit even if you don’t eat all of these things every day.