Benefits of Having Fruits

I'm sure you guys must have heard that if you want to lose fat then you have to completely eliminate fruits from your diet due to various reasons.


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How to save money on a diet

Most of us face the issue of spending way too much on a diet because we tend to follow exactly what’s on the internet. Now the internet and various sites and blogs are really helpful, there’s no denying there. But one thing is certain, as a matter of fact- not everyone can afford products like blueberries, avocados, salmon etc on a daily basis. It’s a fact that you can still be healthy and fit even if you don’t eat all of these things every day.


Losing belly fat is one of the most challenging thing and is a fitness goal to achieve for most. For those the most attractive thing on internet are those videos which claim drinking different juices one can lose belly fat and by following crash diets losing belly fat is possible in ten days. But do you thing it really works?? 

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Understanding Blood Pressure

‘Blood Pressure’ can be described as the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood. As we know blood transports vital nutrients and oxygen to various parts of the body.

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Blood pressure is important as without it these two basic provisions would never take place.

How Is Blood Pressure Measured ?

How to select weights in the gym

Mostly everyone who goes to the gym or joins wants to build muscle and lose fat. Each individual has different body composition, strength and endurance. Now you have to decide whether you want to build strength or build muscle or both.

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What's the right age to get into fitness?

There are lot of instances we ask our kids to stop being gaming expert and be a participant in some outdoor activities but might have also wondered what age group is best to start weight training for kid. There is no such thing as too young to lift. Having an active lifestyle from the beginning will help lead a healthy life. 

Mistakes you avoid in Marathon 

Marathons are the new rage with a whole lot of people these days, yet we also see a whole lot of people running without giving enough caution about some basic things when they prepare for their run. 

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Let's list a few basic points one should not overlook when it comes to preparation for marathons. 

Importance of Posture and how to correct to have a good Posture

You Started your fitness program and the progress sheet shows that your fat % is down significantly but still the tummy shows up in your pictures. This can be a result of your posture. Testing your posture can be done by comparing our stands with the above pictures and the most common posture problem would point out to Anterior Pelvic Tilt. 

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How to Improve your performance for marathon?

Running a Marathon is not an easy thing. It is a lot more that putting on your shoes and start running till the final line. Marathon is an ideal test of endurance and fitness. At some stage, you might have felt like giving up because your performance has been stagnant. Let's talk the science behind improving the performance.

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Is Marathon for losing weight?

Huffing and puffing through the last kilometer of a 10k marathon, you might believe that your fat is simply melting away. 

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After a reality check, we found that it’s not that simple. Running marathons regularly and training for them can leave you exhausted. But whether they leave you slimmer and more toned is a whole different story.