How much protein can you safely consume?

There is often debate, chaos and what not when t comes to the topic of protein and its safety. A lot of people have misconceptions and anecdotal advice such as do not eat too much protein, it will harm your kidneys. Or do not eat too much protein, your liver will fail, etc.

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Should you time your carbs?

We’ve all come across a lot of myths with relation to carbs, the most common one being ‘One shouldn’t eat carbs at night’ and that, its a ‘fat-loss killer’ ‘if you want to lose weight, you must cut down on carbs’ etc. so, its time we bust this and determine if consuming carbs at specific times is really detrimental to our body composition or all of this is nothing but broscience! 

Protein for Vegetarians

What is protein??

Protein is one of the essential macronutrients. It chemically has amino acids which are building blocks of protein. Proteins are complex molecules and play an important role in the body. One gram of Protein has four calories.

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Role of Protein:

Kitchen Hacks

Preparing a calorie counted meal as given by your coach, just for yourself can be boring and time taking sometimes. Here are some hacks for you


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Detox diet, Do you really need it?

Detox diets, a popular trend that is set in the industry that claims to be nothing short of magical for removing toxins from your body.

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Mass gainers and bulking, does it work?

People's perception about gaining. To bulk up = mass gainers.

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What are the basics you need in place to bulk up?

1. A caloric surplus
2. Protein on point and carbs/fat as per preference. It's suggested to bulk with more carbs. 
3. Resistance training.

Are you burning fat ??

A lot of media and supplement industry hype has lead to people believing in some magical supplements. Fat burners being on top of everything.

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What does it mean “to be fit”?

What does it mean “to be fit”? What is the true meaning of fitness? Does having a 6 pack abs make you fit? Or does, having a huge strength to lift weight make you necessarily fit? Fitness could mean different thing to different people

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