Beat the monotony : Sportify your Fitness Journey

With all of us across the globe, swiftly progressing towards a brighter tomorrow, health management has been surely put last on the list.

But with the exponential growth in disease related deaths, most of them directly or indirectly related to poor lifestyle choices, we have started realizing that we need to change the approach. Fitness has been getting the required attention lately.

Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic Stretching 



It is a form of physical exercise in which a muscle or tendon is deliberately flexed or stretched in order to improve the muscles felt elasticity and thus achieve comfortable muscle tone. The end result is a feeling of increased flexibility, relief and range of motion.

Foam Rolling and it's benefits

What is a foam roller?

Foam roller is an exercise equipment which is used for self massage. It is a long cylindrical shaped tool, that comes in different sizes, shapes and texture. Massaging sore areas using a roller has many benefits. 

Benefits of foam rolling:

The process where we roll out tight muscles and relieves tension is called myofascial release. 

Hey, how do I lose these flabby arms?

If I got a cent every time I come across this question, I would be a millionaire by now. Have you ever wondered - "Rest of it looks good. If only I could get rid of these flabby arms".

Note to guys - No, we are not referring to the muscular, big arms. We are referring to the saggy, loose, fat laden arms.

Dieting while traveling /Vacation!

Being a fitness coach , I often get queries asking ,”What to eat when I am traveling?” , “How do I NOT gain weight while on a vacation ?”

How to Prevent Hair Loss When Losing Weight

Normally whenever you go for a fat-loss the more weight you lose, the more likely they you to experience some temporary hair loss.


This may happen because your body is stressed, and it's conserving energy and protein for other bodily functions. The condition resolves automatically for most when you go on a maintenance plan, if your diet has been nutritionally sufficient.

Whey vs Casein

Both whey and casein are derived from dairy (milk). Protein content in dairy products is 20 - 30 % whey and about 70 - 80 % casein protein.The main difference between both is the rate at which they are digested.