Alcohol in Diet ?

I need to start my diet, but will my social life take a hit? I mean, what about parties? Do I have to give up on alcohol completely? Lastly, what the heck are 'empty calories'?

Do these questions sound familiar? Are they true? Is there a silver lining here? Let's look at the science here:

You make the choice !!

“I have dieted hard for six days at a stretch, did not even give in to the Saturday night party! Today is the day I reward myself. That Oreo shake at my favorite café, I AM COMING to get you.”

Water retention / Fluid Retention / Edema

Water retention, also known as fluid retention refers to an excessive buildup of fluid in the circulatory system, body tissues, or cavities in the body.

Symptoms - Swelling of body parts (ankles, feet & hands), bloated tummy, feeling stiffness in joints or aching, weight fluctuations, pitting etc

Goitrogens and Hypothyroidism: Myth Debunked!

I have heard many people fearing cruciferous/green leafy vegetables due to presence of chemical named “Goitrogens”.

What are Goitrogens exactly?
Goitrogens are naturally occurring chemicals seen mostly in green leafy vegetables, soy , sweet potatoes etc. These are known to interfere with certain enzymes which supply iodine to our thyroid glands for their proper functioning.


HIIT is a training routine in which high intensity exercises (anaerobic) is alternated with low to moderate intensity exercises (aerobic and aiding recovery).

Muscle Cramps

Have you ever faced muscle cramps and can’t find the root cause to it? Or sleepless nights ultimately leading to insomnia?
The answer that you’ve been looking for all this is mostly Magnesium deficiency.



Vitamin and Sources

We give attention to vitamins and minerals only twice (mostly) in our lives - childhood , with all those multivitamin syrups doctors prescribe for toddlers and old age , when once again doctor prescribes it for better health . Here is a tiny insight into why these minions are super essential for us . Read on ... 


Antioxidants are nutrients, vitamins or minerals which mostly come from the fresh fruits and vegetables that prohibits the oxidation of other molecules in the body.

The wonders of a fiber-rich diet

The popularity of high-fiber foods has been growing rapidly, to the point that nowadays, everything from buiscuits to instant noodles boast the presence of fiber. So what exactly is this magical food component, and how do we benefit from it? Let’s find out.