So How To Stick To Your Workout Routine

Stick to your workout routine!

Sticking to a workout routine is difficult - so many obligations, social commitments etc. While it is not going to be easy to stick to plan initially, a few things can help you look forward to each and every day of your gym schedule.


Pep it up with Music.

There is music for every mood; it takes your mind away from the hectic work schedule & puts you in the right zone for workout. It helps you elevate your mood and definitely charges you for a grilling workout.

Want to reduce just Tummy ... Is that really possible??

Many of us want to get flat abs or sleek arms.. Its called  spot reduction. Is that really possible or a myth?? Look what our coack Priya says about this 

"I want to loose the fat on my cheeks" or "Only the fat around my tummy" - Sounds familiar? I am sure many of you can relate to this. Being a fitness coach, I come across this question many a times. Truth be told, a few years back, even I would fret about such spot reduction!

Myth : Fat is fattening!

One of the main approaches beginners tend to follow while on a diet is to cut off fats from diet. But the truth is ‘Fats doesn’t contribute to weight gain’. Fat is one of the essential macronutrients and is important due to various roles it plays:

Myth - Stevie did no grow taller because he lfted weights!

Heard this before?

This is probably the most prevalent myth floating around in the fitness world. People restrict their kids from going to the gym because they think lifting weights will stunt their growth.
Does it actually happen? No, not at all.

Plateau's while dieting!

Have you been dieting since long and have hit a plateau? Depressed to see that all your efforts going to vain?!

Let's find out 'WHY':

The reason for this is cortisol - the stress hormone! Now cortisol in small pulses, like the one in the morning, due to a fasted state helps to promote fat mobilization. But chronic elevations (over time) tend to promote visceral fat accumulation (around the internal organs in your abdominal region).

Amino Acids!

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. There are 20 different types of amino acids, all of which together make up a large proportion of our cells, muscles and tissues.

The body composition 'diet' hierarchy!

When it comes to dieting, the main ingredient for success with the diet is a 'calorie deficit' Once that is in check, the protein intake matters. The last thing that matters are your carb and fat ratios.

People generally start obsessing or telling everyone that there is 'ONLY ONE WAY' to diet! That they have to go low carb or low fat or high fat for dietary success.

Seated Vs Standing calf Raises

When standing calf raise machine is occupied at the gym, we often end up using seated calf raise machine thinking that both will work on the same muscle.