• Reverse dieting: Horses or Unicorns?

    Legend says that while dieting when you hit a stall in fat loss at very low calories (metabolic adaptation), you start adding calories every week as it boosts metabolism and you develop a good metabolic capacity over time. Once satisfied, reduce calories again.

    Reverse dieting - myth or truth?

  • Susheekh (Sushi seekh kebab)

    A perfect marriage of Japanese sushi with some flavour from north India . Lucknowi mizzaz aur Japani tehzeeb (Lucknowi grandeur with Japanese humility)

    Sushi, Sushi Kebab,


    • Sheekh kebabs -  ready made 100 gms
    • Rice : 50 gms cooked with any spices of your choice. I made them in ghee with my signature garam masala which i make at home
    • Zucchini : cut into long thin strips, boiled in water. Now this requires some serious knife skills
    • Cucumber and bell pepper with your macros


  • Vanilla Protein Santa-Cupcakes

    Who wouldn't like to have some yummy luscious, soft as a baby's butt, healthy baked goodies for the festive season ? Here is a treat that you can enjoy while keeping the calories in check 

    Vanilla Protein Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! makes 4-6, depending on the size of your tins low fat, refined sugar free, high protein, low carb

    Vanilla Cupcakes, Protein cake, dessert on diet, diet food


  • Rang Birangi

    One eats with their eyes first and when its diet food the challenge to make it look more appealing is herculean.
    This being my first food post here on the group, I have kept it simple; actually most of the times a simple, freshly made, hot dish is all it takes to enjoy diet food .

    Rang Birangi !!

    Paneer, Paneer on diet, Rang Birangi, recipe with paneer


  • zzzzzzzzz......

    "Sleep is the golden chain that binds our health and body together"  ~ Thomas Dekker

    Whenever it comes to health and fitness, people do a lot of right things as well as wrong things. Misguided would be an inapproriate word to use, rather it is the lack of awareness that breaks the chain in between. I wish to address such a topic that is most likely to be absent in the awareness spectrum of people looking to improve their health and fitness. That elephant in the room is 'sleep'. Sleep is undeniably something everyone loves. It's like the most comfortable thing to do in the whole day. Atleast for me wink