• Pizza Tikka

    When you are pressed for time but have to complete your macros . Here is a super quick recipe Pizza Tikka by Nitu

    Ingredients :

    chicken breast boneless - 200 gm 
    Cheese grated 30 gm
    garlic crushed , I took garlic powder 1 tbsp 
    cream - 2 tbs
    cream cheese (optional ) 2 tbsp
    salt to taste 
    mustard paste 1 tbsp
    pepper freshly ground 1 tspn 
    Pasta seasoning

    Whisk all the ingredients till blended well . Add the chicken pieces into it and leave for about 5-10 mins . Grill /airfry / bake at 200 deg for 15-18 mins .

    Relish it piping hot !

    Macros :

    Total Calories

  • Thambi Tacos

    Bored of eating cheese ?? Are you craving for Dosa on your diet ?? Our Coach Nitu have come up with soultion for both.. Here comes a mouth watering recipe from her "Thambi Tacos" 


    Why I named it "Thambi Tacos " . In the fauji parlance , a person from Chennai is usually referred to as Thambi, this crisp cheese taco tastes exactly like a crisp dosa . You can fill it with your favourite filling , veg or non veg . Craving dosa during your diet ? Try this and you would satiate your south Indian food cravings .

    Filling : what ever your diet permits you or is your favourite

    Cheese slice as per your chart .


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