• Women & Strength Training - Q & A

    Spot Reduction a myth!

    Q1.Looking for reducing belly fat and arms.

    A1. Spot reduction is a tad difficult and is next to impossible. The fat in our body is spread all across the body in same way, unlike the muscles which have a specific name and place- biceps, triceps, calf muscles etc , fat is just adipose all over the body, once you start reducing the body fat % areas which are less, for instance, fingers, face etc would show much more reduced as compared to say  around the belly for the simple reason of being more in area .

    Q2. How many times and for how long a beginner should train? What weights one should start with?

  • PUSH-UP Forms and Variations

    Push-up - Right form to protect your shoulders (Part 1 )

    Pushup, pushup workout, pushup form

    Performing push-ups with your arms abducted at 90 degrees, as shown in picture X - a T-shape Push-up, hikes up your traps. This results in closing the space around your rotator cuff tendons, with the risk of impinging it and injuring your shoulder. Further, a T-shape push-up will put immense pressure on your neck and the anterior part of your shoulder.

    A-shape push-ups on the other hand, as shown in picture ✅puts your scapula in a better and stable position which stabilises the shoulder joints.

  • Should women weight train?


                Today I want to reach out to possibly millions of those women through this article who have been misinformed or rather, have misinterpreted the role of weight training in their lives. Weight training conventionally is believed by some women to be something exclusively meant for men. I wish to keep this short and precise for you to understand so I am not emphasising much on how we evolved and what early men did centuries back. But we do know that they were super efficient in terms of their strength based performances, endurance and functionality. I must add to this that they had amazing tactical skills and coming precisely to the point- they had a very good body composition! Women were physically as good as men!