• Flexible Dieting

    Do you want to lose weight? That is a good start.

    Did you decide to start with a plan? Even better.

    Googled best ways to lose weight? Uh oh.

    You have now been bombarded with a lot of interesting yet contradicting ways to go about it.

    But hey, Jatinder at work did GM diet and lost a bunch of weight.

    So you pick up the GM diet (General Motors Diet) and lose considerable weight in a week. Wow, this was easier than you thought.

  • Protein Oats!

    Oats, one of the best meals when it comes to feeling full. But also one of the blandest and not-so-tasty foods to have. Tired of sticking to basic oats for breakfast? Why not give it a little twist and add some protein as well. Eggs aren’t our only saviour when it comes to a high protein breakfast.

    How about I teach you how to make these oats interesting?

    Here is my take on oats and you can try these (based on your macros) awesome recipes, the best part being you will not need more than 15-20 minutes to prepare:

  • Online fitness coaching is the best decision

    The world has moved to using the internet for everything. From calling for a house help to renting an apartment, everything is at the click of a button. The fitness industry has caught up really well in this regard. You will see a lot of fitness services that you can sign up these days. There are apps that remind you to drink water to those that start beeping out loud if you have been sitting on your desk for way too long.

    Online coaching is one such interesting service that has been on the rise lately. People often wonder that “Is having an online coach beneficial?” or “How does it work?”, I am miles away from my coach, it is not the same as having a gym trainer who will push me on the gym floor.