• Oat it up!

    Oats - The first food that comes to your mind once you decide to start dieting. 

    In recent times, Oats have been considered the pinnacle of healthy foods. From bodybuilders to moms caring for their toddler's health to the working youth, oats has become a common thing.

    Though oats are a good food choice, trust me, they are the most boring thing you can eat.  

    Oat it up

    For that very reason, I encouraged the inner chef to experiment with it. Here are 4 recipes with my twist on the plain old boring oats: 

  • The best training plan for busy individuals

    Training at the gym. 

    This is often a dark spot for many people who are just getting started with it or fairly intermediate but do not have much information about exercise programming. 

    Best Workout Plan

    They end up picking up a program that either keeps them in the gym for way too long or too many days. The #nodaysoff hype is at its peak when it comes to getting started but sooner or later, you burn out. 

  • How to eat more food on a diet?

    You are looking to lose weight and get in shape. How do you start?

    The very obvious thing is to manage your calorie intake and engage in some physical activity. In the beginning, it is very easy to do so.  The difficult part begins during the end stages of your diet when calories drop and you have very little food to eat due to the calorie limits. Or do you? Not really if you have the smart tricks, I am going to give here, up your sleeve. 

    Eat more food

    In this article, I am going to show five ways you can add more food volume to your diet: