Aam Admi Chicken

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Well You people might be bored of eating Chicken sometimes. Now You can add a different twist to it with Mango !!! Yes, chicken and mango.. here is one such amazing combination from our Coach Nitu..  she comes again with interesting recipe. So, What are you waiting for, start looking for the ingredients in your kitchen, and do tell us how it turned for you. 



Category : Non veg (chicken )

Summers brings along loads of fruits and vegetables which help us keep the heat off. Watermelon , mangoes , melons all remind me of childhood days when we use to run around , play outdoors most part of the day. Life was active and we never bothered about counting calories or portion control when it came to food . 
Now , since the lifestyles have changed , one can't be so casual about food anymore .

Bought my seasons first raw mango , which thankfully didn't turn out to be very sour and tried this raw mango chicken and paneer . My younger one is a finniky eater , when she said "mom can I have one more bite of it please " I knew it's come out yumm.

Ingredients :

Chicken /paneer 100 gms 
ginger garlic paste 1 tsp 
fresh coriander chopped 1 tbsp 
raw mango 30 gms , also depends on the sourness of the mango 
Salt to taste 
red chilli /green chilli on your taste 
garam masala 1 tsp 
sour cream /fresh cream /hung curd 1 tbsp
Butter for basting

Chaat masala - to taste 
Method :

Wash and cut chicken/paneer into bite sized pieces .
Grind all the fresh ingredients into a paste , add cream /curd and whisk well , adjust salt , marinate the chicken /paneer in the marinade .Keep aside for at least 20 mins .

Take a wooden skewer , if you are grilling /air frying it . Soak the skewer in water for a while then thread the paneer /chicken pieces on the skewer and cook them either in a pan / oven /microwave or like I did - in the air fryer .

Baste the pieces with butter while they are cooking . 
Sprinkle chaat masala and serve hot !

Macros F:P:C 20: 29 : 7 ( these are for chicken )

Total calories - 308

Recipe Contributed by - Nitu Malladi (http://getsetgo.fitness/#/public/coachprofile/nitu)

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