Online fitness coaching is the best decision

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Online coaching is one such interesting service that has been on the rise lately." data-share-imageurl="">

The world has moved to using the internet for everything. From calling for a house help to renting an apartment, everything is at the click of a button. The fitness industry has caught up really well in this regard. You will see a lot of fitness services that you can sign up these days. There are apps that remind you to drink water to those that start beeping out loud if you have been sitting on your desk for way too long.

Online coaching is one such interesting service that has been on the rise lately. People often wonder that “Is having an online coach beneficial?” or “How does it work?”, I am miles away from my coach, it is not the same as having a gym trainer who will push me on the gym floor.

Though there might be a little benefit of having a trainer with you at the gym floor, there are many notable shortcomings that come with it. A few of them would be:

  1. You do not have the flexibility to choose a gym timing once you sign up with a trainer. At times, due to hectic schedule, you might not be able to go for your scheduled gym session in the morning. You missed out on a session. At times, this leads a person to think that the session is wasted, let’s skip the gym altogether today and tomorrow is a fresh start.
  2. Some gyms do ensure that this issue is resolved by assigning you a trainer at the time you visit. Again, there could be a situation that you do not know the trainer and nor does he know you (or your schedule). It is shooting in the dark for both of you.
  3. The trainer has been overbooked. This happens a lot of times and then you are forced to share the attention you deserve with two other people.

When it comes to an online coach, most of these problems become non-existent. Added bonus, you get a treasure of benefits when you sign up with a GetSetGo Fitness Coach. Let us look into what do you get once you sign up with a GetSetGo Coach:

Nutrition & Training Expertise:

Gym trainers are often well-versed and selected for the job due to the expertise in training. The nutrition knowledge is often lacking. More often than not, the information that they impart comes from looking at pro bodybuilders and their unnecessary obsession with chicken, broccoli, and rice. Trust me, you do not want that.

This lack of knowledge can be a huge roadblock as what you eat determines your results largely. It often acts like a demotivating factor as after putting months of effort, gym goers do not see results due to poor nutrition. Few gyms do have dieticians, but very rarely is there a sync between the trainer and dietician.  The training and nutrition, for the most part, do not compliment each other and this could hamper recovery post training sessions.

An online coach takes care of both things: Nutrition and Training and ensures that both aspects are well balanced. How is training handled you may ask since an online coach is not physically present? Detailed links breaking down exercise forms are provided along with training programs.

Clients can also send video recording of their exercise forms and an online coach will suggest adjustments that would suit an individual’s body structure and biomechanics thereby minimizing the risk of injury.


GetSetGo Fitness ensures that the coaches on the platform have the right blend of education and experience. All of our coaches hold International Certifications that are recognized worldwide.

Before a coach is listed on our platform, they undergo a very intensive training program that covers the latest in nutrition and exercises science. The learning does not stop there. There are routine internal assessments taken to ensure that the coaches are constantly learning and on top of their game. The satisfaction of our clients means the world to us and we want to ensure that our clients have the best coaching experience.


There is no one size that fits all.

Before an online coach makes a plan for you, they will take into consideration a lot of factors ranging from your weight, measurements, food preferences to how well you sleep. Your nutrition and training programs are highly flexible and specific to your lifestyle. This makes the programs very easy to follow and stick to and allows you to be more consistent with it. Consistency is what leads to long-term results.


The biggest advantage of having an online coach is the freedom to decide one’s daily schedule.

As a plan has already been laid down for you, you do not have to be tied down to the schedule of a trainer. You can workout whenever you have the time to. This means not having to skip workouts due to scheduling conflicts or having to wake up forcefully and rushing to gym whilst still half asleep to attend your morning workout sessions.

The flexibility also extends to your nutrition plan as you have all the freedom to swap your meals, club or divide them further. You have a good control over how you want to do certain things.

Availability and Attention

The perils of a gym trainer’s availability limit what you can get out of having a gym trainer.

An online coach, on the other hand, has an extended availability slot. You can reach out to them through an email, or schedule a call and have your doubts and concerns addressed. Thus, it is guaranteed that you are not left to do any shooting in the dark.

Accountability and Communication

Coaching is a collaborative process where communication plays a big role.

As part of the program, weekly check-ins are scheduled where the coach can track the client’s progress and collect feedback from the client about their program. This system creates accountability from both parties and also ensures a good flow of communication.

Based on the client’s progress and feedback, a coach makes necessary adjustments to ensure that the client stays on track.

Customer Support

There might be times when you have some problems where you feel that you are not being able to discuss it with your coach. You can always reach out to customer support team for the same and that way, we ensure that communication is never a problem.

The customer support team reaches out to clients on a regular basis to take feedback as we believe that there is always a scope for improvement.

Cost Effective

When you compare online coaching to an in-person training programme from a cost perspective, the cost advantages of online coaching are undeniable. Gyms charge you for a month of just personal training what we charge you for a period of 3 months.

And as mentioned earlier, online coaches take care of the nutrition and training aspects of things. This way you essentially end up getting a bang for your buck. Now that we have told you the benefits of having an online coach, the ball is in your court. The decision is yours to make. But, with this piece, our main aim was to tell you what do you get if you sign up with one of our coaches.

We also do not make such claims just because we can. We have a lot of clients who would be the perfect testimonies to prove that our system works and we are proud of the success they have achieved with us. You can check it out yourself here. GetSetGo believes that nobody should ever feel alone and demotivated while trying to get fit. We have a lovely community of supportive and encouraging people who will ensure they push you when you are having a bad day. Do join and be a part of it if you aren’t already.

Pratik Thakkar (Co-founder & Coach, GetSetGo Fitness) & Safwan Hurzuk

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Online coaching is one such interesting service that has been on the rise lately." data-share-imageurl="">