Praan Jaaye Par Prawn Na Jaye

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Its the most easy recipe Take a frying pan on a very low flame just about warm Add a dash of ghee and Place the prawns in the pan and cook them flipping over a bit with a tong.

The idea is to cook them slow without getting them too curled. Take out the prawns in a bowl  and keep aside.

Add some butter to the pan. Increase the flame a notch more. Add the prawns back and add some sliced garlic a dash of pepper and a big dollop of butter.

It won't take much time for the flavours to seep in .put the flame off Garnish with chopped parsley or cilantro Adjust salt . Tada ! Ready !

Prawns taken -100 gms

butter taken - 20 gms

Macros :-  F : C : P - 21 : 0 : 21 

Total Calories : 273

Recipe Contributed by - Nitu Malladi (

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