Flexible Dieting

Do you want to lose weight? That is a good start.

Did you decide to start with a plan? Even better.

Googled best ways to lose weight? Uh oh.

You have now been bombarded with a lot of interesting yet contradicting ways to go about it.

But hey, Jatinder at work did GM diet and lost a bunch of weight.

So you pick up the GM diet (General Motors Diet) and lose considerable weight in a week. Wow, this was easier than you thought.

Protein Oats!

Oats, one of the best meals when it comes to feeling full. But also one of the blandest and not-so-tasty foods to have. Tired of sticking to basic oats for breakfast? Why not give it a little twist and add some protein as well. Eggs aren’t our only saviour when it comes to a high protein breakfast.

How about I teach you how to make these oats interesting?

Here is my take on oats and you can try these (based on your macros) awesome recipes, the best part being you will not need more than 15-20 minutes to prepare:

Online fitness coaching is the best decision

The world has moved to using the internet for everything. From calling for a house help to renting an apartment, everything is at the click of a button. The fitness industry has caught up really well in this regard. You will see a lot of fitness services that you can sign up these days. There are apps that remind you to drink water to those that start beeping out loud if you have been sitting on your desk for way too long.

Online coaching is one such interesting service that has been on the rise lately. People often wonder that “Is having an online coach beneficial?” or “How does it work?”, I am miles away from my coach, it is not the same as having a gym trainer who will push me on the gym floor.

Are you addicted to sugar?

An interesting observation I have had recently, fitness or nutrition to be particular is something an area where many people hold expertise. Do not trust me? Try this experiment. In a social setting, ask these two questions to a person in the very order I have mentioned:

  1. Could you tell me how do you fly an aircraft?
  2. Could you tell me a few ways I can lose weight?

The 'After After' with GetSetGo - Hanosh Udwadia


Hanosh Udwadia has been a client of GetSetGo Fitness was under the coaching of Pratik Thakkar for 6 months and now has been managing things by himself. His journey has been one amazing one which leaves many, including his coach by surprise at times along with admiration for how far has he come.


Today, we interview Mr. Hanosh to know more about what are the things he has done and how did he achieve this:

Feasting with a fitness goal


Aren't those pleasant times of the year when family and friends come together. It is the time of merry and joy. Of celebration and delicious food and drinks. Dreaded are those people who are dieting down during those times and the biggest concern that they have is, "How do I escape this thing? I do not want to go off the diet. I have put a lot of effort into this." The dilemma haunts them and they are often oscillating between the thoughts, "Should I avoid the celebration and make up a lame excuse for it?" or "Who gives a damn?! Cheat day!!!"

Tuning your brain after a festival

Getting back to your routine post the festive season

Once the hustle and bustle has settled after all the diwali festivities and celebrations, you might look back and think, maybe you should have gone a little easy on those rasgullas or kaju katlis. You might have put on a few pounds and now want to get back to the fitness routine, but the motivation to workout and more “diet” just isn't there. So the question is, how do you get back on track after a festive period.

Let's look at how you can tune your brain to help you get back to your fitness routine:

FITNESS BANDS - Do you really need them?

Technology! Isn’t it something we love becoming a slave of? It all started when phones became smarter and the advent of social media. These companies ensure that the notifications come our way and keep us hooked to our devices. What did that result into? Us becoming more sedentary than we were.

Then, these companies thought, “Alright! Now that we have successfully managed to keep the users glued to their seats, how about we introduce something to make them move?” Brilliant idea to make more money, right?! And that is what led to the birth of fitness bands.

WTF - What the Fruit!

Fruits (fructose) - the ‘sweet’ truth you should know

The fitness industry is often split into a conundrum. One, often propagating ‘broscience’ vs another, that is backed by science. Fruits have been one such hot topic, where both these sides have locked horns. What makes this such a debatable topic and what is actually true?! Let’s find out!

‘Fruits are bad for your health, they make you fat. Period.’

STRESS and its impact on your weight!

‘Oh you’ve lost weight’ sounds like music to our ears, but not always. There are times when we unintentionally shed a few pounds and there are various reasons to this. Again, sometimes we gain weight inspite of doing everything possible, running for hours, starving ourselves, eating clean etc. One of the most common reasons for unintentional weight loss as well as weight gain is Stress. There are a few points to ponder on when it comes to this weight loss/gain phenomenon. In this article, we will help you understand the reasons for this and list counter measures to help you fight the same.

1. Hormones