Fish moilee

Steamed fish cooked in coconut milk :) (Can be cooked with raw fish too)

Heat oil/ghee & add dry red chilly & mustard seeds. As the seeds splutter, add curry leaves. Saute & add sliced onion. As the onion turns pinkish, add chopped ginger. Fry together & add turmeric powder, coriander powder & red chilly powder. Fry again & add coconut milk. If the gravy is too thick, add some water. As the gravy starts to boil, slide in the fish pieces. Cook together for a while & take out once done. Garnish with curry leaves :)


Recipe Contributed By -Sudeshna Bhattacharya 


Chocolate Mousse

Celebration while on a diet ? 
Craving for that dessert at the pastry shop . Fret no more . Try out this easy chocolate mousse recipe .

Category : Dessert (veg)

Ingredient :

Unsalted butter 50gm
Cream cheese 50 gm
Stevia according to taste 
Heavy whipping cream 75 ml( I used Amul red 30% fat ) 
Coco powder 2 tbsp

Method :

Whip the cream till thick , a ice bath would help .

Cream butter and sweetener until completely blended .

Add cream cheese , blend until smooth

Add cocoa powder and further blend . 
Add the whipped cream gradually and mix well .

Palak Mojito

Want to beat this summer with some refreshing diet drink, with Palak (Spinach)..Mamta Junnarkar - our member, came with an interesting drink with Palak and Mint. 

100 gms Palak
25 gms cucumber 
Few mint leaves
Half lemon
Pinch of black salt or normal salt would also do
100 ml cold water

Just mixie everything, strain and have fresh


Recipe by - Mamta Junnarkar


Aam Admi Chicken

Well You people might be bored of eating Chicken sometimes. Now You can add a different twist to it with Mango !!! Yes, chicken and mango.. here is one such amazing combination from our Coach Nitu..  she comes again with interesting recipe. So, What are you waiting for, start looking for the ingredients in your kitchen, and do tell us how it turned for you. 



Category : Non veg (chicken )

Pizza Tikka

When you are pressed for time but have to complete your macros . Here is a super quick recipe Pizza Tikka by Nitu

Ingredients :

chicken breast boneless - 200 gm 
Cheese grated 30 gm
garlic crushed , I took garlic powder 1 tbsp 
cream - 2 tbs
cream cheese (optional ) 2 tbsp
salt to taste 
mustard paste 1 tbsp
pepper freshly ground 1 tspn 
Pasta seasoning

Whisk all the ingredients till blended well . Add the chicken pieces into it and leave for about 5-10 mins . Grill /airfry / bake at 200 deg for 15-18 mins .

Relish it piping hot !

Macros :

Total Calories

Thambi Tacos

Bored of eating cheese ?? Are you craving for Dosa on your diet ?? Our Coach Nitu have come up with soultion for both.. Here comes a mouth watering recipe from her "Thambi Tacos" 


Why I named it "Thambi Tacos " . In the fauji parlance , a person from Chennai is usually referred to as Thambi, this crisp cheese taco tastes exactly like a crisp dosa . You can fill it with your favourite filling , veg or non veg . Craving dosa during your diet ? Try this and you would satiate your south Indian food cravings .

Filling : what ever your diet permits you or is your favourite

Cheese slice as per your chart .

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