STRESS and its impact on your weight!

‘Oh you’ve lost weight’ sounds like music to our ears, but not always. There are times when we unintentionally shed a few pounds and there are various reasons to this. Again, sometimes we gain weight inspite of doing everything possible, running for hours, starving ourselves, eating clean etc. One of the most common reasons for unintentional weight loss as well as weight gain is Stress. There are a few points to ponder on when it comes to this weight loss/gain phenomenon. In this article, we will help you understand the reasons for this and list counter measures to help you fight the same.

1. Hormones



The body gets the energy that it needs from food and then it uses this energy to breathe, generate new cells, think, move around, etc. If you want to gain weight, you'll need to eat more energy than your body needs. There's this scientific term, homeostasis, and it describes the physiological process where a variable is held constant through active regulation. What does that even mean? It means our bodies are actively trying to maintain their current weight. If you eat more energy one day than your body needs, what do you think your body will do with that extra energy? A naturally fat guy might store that as fat, but as hard-gainers, their bodies will try to burn it before storing it. It is very difficult for a skinny guy to put on some good weight (muscle mass). It is because of the ill diet practices and their genetics.

Struggling To Gain Weight Or Lean Muscle Mass


If the title of this article got your attention that means that you my friend belong to a special group of people who for whatever reason is struggling to gain weight.

weight gain, muscle gain

And I admit that is a strange and frustrating problem to have. Mainly because in a world where most people are trying to lose weight, here you are trying to gain weight. Which in a way is like trying to run up a descending escalator.

muscle gain, weight gain, struggling for muscle gain


Ask Me Anything - Q&A with Pratik Thakkar (9th July, 2017)

Q1.How to lose weight when someone is going through PCOD?

A.In general, irrespective of a person's hormonal problems, two things come in picture.

Firstly, eat in a calorie deficit which is eating less than what our body expends in regular basis.

Secondly, by doing some weighttraining & cardio activities. PCOD is not an obstacle when it comes to fat loss, but results are a bit slower . The person needs to be more consitent & do it in long run.

Q2.How to control cravings ?

A.When a person is on diet, being flexible with foods will help. They can add many varieties of foods and favorites within the calorie intake and macro nutrients limit. Be it fat loss or muscle gain, consistency is the key.

Q3.Workout at home is ideal or not?

PUSH-UP Forms and Variations

Push-up - Right form to protect your shoulders (Part 1 )

Pushup, pushup workout, pushup form

Performing push-ups with your arms abducted at 90 degrees, as shown in picture X - a T-shape Push-up, hikes up your traps. This results in closing the space around your rotator cuff tendons, with the risk of impinging it and injuring your shoulder. Further, a T-shape push-up will put immense pressure on your neck and the anterior part of your shoulder.

A-shape push-ups on the other hand, as shown in picture ✅puts your scapula in a better and stable position which stabilises the shoulder joints.

Dumbbell vs Barbell. Who wins?

So a lot of us have had this question as to which is better when it comes to training- dumbbell or barbell. Some say barbell feels good while some others are dumbbell feel gooders.

barbell press, barbell bench press         dumbbell press, dumbbell press workout, dumbbell bench press

Well there's no feel-good thing when it comes to stating scientific facts. So breaking the ice- it's the dumbbell who wins!


Ramadan Kareem - Manage your fitness goals while fasting

A good number of people perform some form of Intermittent Fasting (IF) due to a variety of reasons. Many people across the globe practice it due to religious reasons. IF is nothing but fasting done intermittently, where you consume no food/water during the fasting period.

Fitness goals during ramdan, tips to stick to diet during ramdan

The question that I often get while helping such clients is, “How do I manage my nutrition/training while following the fast?”

Deadlift Tutorial

Deadlift tutorial:

Before you watch the video, please see the picture.




Picture 1: The stance.

Since this is a conventional deadlift, the stance is a hip width stance. The center of the foot is exactly under the bar. Shin to bar is not the right concept. You'll know why as you read further.

Picture 2: Grip.

The grip that you see here is called a dead grip. One arm is supinated (under the bar) and the other is pronated (over the bar). This gives a very strong hold. People who are comfortable with a normal grip are good to go as long as they feel strong.