How to eat more food on a diet?

You are looking to lose weight and get in shape. How do you start?

The very obvious thing is to manage your calorie intake and engage in some physical activity. In the beginning, it is very easy to do so.  The difficult part begins during the end stages of your diet when calories drop and you have very little food to eat due to the calorie limits. Or do you? Not really if you have the smart tricks, I am going to give here, up your sleeve. 

Eat more food

In this article, I am going to show five ways you can add more food volume to your diet:

Do carbs make you fat?


Want to lose weight? STOP eating carbs. Sounds familiar? Of Course, it does.

The funny thing that runs in the fitness industry is that certain 'gurus' or 'experts' thrive on spreading misinformation and fear-mongering.


The reasons behind it may be plenty, like a quick shot to fame, or to give magical results, or to have found a secret trick which nobody ever knew of.

Fitness beyond the 12-week transformation

This could easily be one of the topics that are a personal favorite of mine. 

Staying fit long term, one of the questions I get from my clients often post their coaching period with me ends. Though I have a slick written resource to help them out with it and equip them with tools to DIY, a few things were missing there. 

Stay fit longer

Should you bulletproof your coffee?


There are some fads in the fitness industry that refuse to go away, no matter how many times they are broken down. Many so-called experts preach eating a certain way or at certain times, also some foods and/or recipes are touted as being better than others.

The ketogenic diet is the prime example of this trend.

NAIL your fitness resolution this year


2018 is here!

A BIG reason you are here is that you have taken a resolution to get fit and do not want to fail.

Maybe you have failed in the past or, maybe you are an ambitious person like me who wants to nail it the first time. Either way, the goal is the same here, and the purpose of this article is to ensure you are successful this time around. First of all, I know people give a lot of stick to having a resolution for getting fit. But should you care about that?

Absolutely NOT.

A guide to holiday eating

Christmas and New Year's is around the corner and it is the time of joy and happiness. You will be visiting a lot of family and friends and surrounded by a lot of delicious food. You may be able to control it on some occasions and there would be some where you absolutely give in. 

In this piece, I shall be covering how to manage the holiday eating and what to do if you slip? 

Let me help out the folks who are dieting first and are watching their calories for quite some time. Considering they are aware of the upcoming event, here are a few steps:

Flexible Dieting

Do you want to lose weight? That is a good start.

Did you decide to start with a plan? Even better.

Googled best ways to lose weight? Uh oh.

You have now been bombarded with a lot of interesting yet contradicting ways to go about it.

But hey, Jatinder at work did GM diet and lost a bunch of weight.

So you pick up the GM diet (General Motors Diet) and lose considerable weight in a week. Wow, this was easier than you thought.

STRESS and its impact on your weight!

‘Oh you’ve lost weight’ sounds like music to our ears, but not always. There are times when we unintentionally shed a few pounds and there are various reasons to this. Again, sometimes we gain weight inspite of doing everything possible, running for hours, starving ourselves, eating clean etc. One of the most common reasons for unintentional weight loss as well as weight gain is Stress. There are a few points to ponder on when it comes to this weight loss/gain phenomenon. In this article, we will help you understand the reasons for this and list counter measures to help you fight the same.

1. Hormones



The body gets the energy that it needs from food and then it uses this energy to breathe, generate new cells, think, move around, etc. If you want to gain weight, you'll need to eat more energy than your body needs. There's this scientific term, homeostasis, and it describes the physiological process where a variable is held constant through active regulation. What does that even mean? It means our bodies are actively trying to maintain their current weight. If you eat more energy one day than your body needs, what do you think your body will do with that extra energy? A naturally fat guy might store that as fat, but as hard-gainers, their bodies will try to burn it before storing it. It is very difficult for a skinny guy to put on some good weight (muscle mass). It is because of the ill diet practices and their genetics.

Struggling To Gain Weight Or Lean Muscle Mass


If the title of this article got your attention that means that you my friend belong to a special group of people who for whatever reason is struggling to gain weight.

weight gain, muscle gain

And I admit that is a strange and frustrating problem to have. Mainly because in a world where most people are trying to lose weight, here you are trying to gain weight. Which in a way is like trying to run up a descending escalator.

muscle gain, weight gain, struggling for muscle gain