Deadlift Tutorial

Deadlift tutorial:

Before you watch the video, please see the picture.




Picture 1: The stance.

Since this is a conventional deadlift, the stance is a hip width stance. The center of the foot is exactly under the bar. Shin to bar is not the right concept. You'll know why as you read further.

Picture 2: Grip.

The grip that you see here is called a dead grip. One arm is supinated (under the bar) and the other is pronated (over the bar). This gives a very strong hold. People who are comfortable with a normal grip are good to go as long as they feel strong.

Posterior Chain Stretching for Back Pain Relief

Contributor: Melvin Cherian -

TUCK! I heard that sound loud and clear and the next moment I was lying down on the gym floor. I was in pain and completely clueless about what to do next. Moments ago, I was doing some heavy deadlifts. Did you guess it yet? Yes, I messed up my back. Not the first training injury that I came across but definitely the worst. More than the pain, what disturbed me the most was the thought of being away from the weights for a good long time. Thanks to the series of injuries I had in the past that gave me the discipline to take my rehab seriously. 

Diet and Metabolism

What is Metabolism? - It is the rate at which your body burns calories!

A typical new year starts with most of us resolving to shed those extra pounds. We usually start by starving ourselves, eating tiny portions of food and feeling weak and irritable all the time, and finally giving up in exasperation after the dreaded weighing scales refuse to budge. So what went wrong? Let’s find out. 

How to lose weight?

I need to lose some weight! - The thought that flashes through many people's head after a day of shopping when they realise that the clothes I like, do not like me!

"Now that I've decided to get fit, I need a plan. Where do I find an answer to almost all my queries? Let's Google it!"

Been here too? Well, we all know how that ends right? How to lose weight as a query returns 83 million results. If you even read 10 of them, it'll seem like rocket science. Too much to ask when all you're trying to do is fly a paper plane, isn't it? Now that we have decided that we want to lose weight (fat loss for the smart ones), let us dive into the very basics you need to get in place to get started.

Importance of water

We have been drinking water since our birth but did we ever wonder what does it do exactly? Why does our body actually need it?

Water is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen. It is the basis for the fluids of the body and makes up more than two-thirds of the weight of the human body. It is hence quite obvious that without water, human body would cease to function as each and ever cell and organs need water for its proper functioning

Water as Macronutrient

Break up with your scale!

What irritates us the most about packaged wafers or Chips ?
The feeling of holding a jumbo pack of potato wafers when pop open gets us to see just a handful of crisp thin wafers inside. It's the subtle trust that is broken, we feel a tad bit cheated, a tiny bit disappointed for having made the choice at the convenience store about buying that big fluffy pack of chips.

Nutrition Supplements - Friend or Foe?

Half knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance

A quote that perfectly apt in our society where Whey Protein is considered as AAS(Anabolic Androgenic Steroids) or PED (Performance Enhancing Drug). This article is written with a purpose to spread awareness about 2 most common supplements in the fitness industry. They are namely Whey Protein and Creatine. I shall try to be as basic as possible.

The magic wand of training

Human body is an incredible machine. The networks we have inside us have their own set of behaviors. Hence studies, researches, experiments and 10 other scientific procedures happen every day across the globe in various labs to reveal this complex machinery.

Of all studies done so far, a principle has been well established that stands true for every living body. The principle is Stimulus and Response

Reverse dieting: Horses or Unicorns?

Legend says that while dieting when you hit a stall in fat loss at very low calories (metabolic adaptation), you start adding calories every week as it boosts metabolism and you develop a good metabolic capacity over time. Once satisfied, reduce calories again.

Reverse dieting - myth or truth?